• April 20, 2009

    Definicare opens new corporate offices at 2 Metroplex - Ste. 280 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Contact Info

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2 Metroplex Drive
Suite 280
Birmingham, AL 35209

Phone: (877) 333-4609

Definicare is a real-time clinical research platform that enables observational research cohorts to produce clinical trial quality data while improving the efficiency of patient care.  Definicare is where patient care and clinical research merge. 

Definicare was designed to support both patient care and research...and indeed, has been very successful in collecting point-of-care data for both routine care and research ( Using the Definicare methodology, we have published over 50 articles in the peer reviewed literature since 2004.  

However, a major limitation of our database is that we can only report on the patients seen in our clinic (N ~ 1700 active).  While this is good for some studies, larger numbers of patients are needed for other types of analyses.

With this in mind, we have developed a way to  implement the Definicare methodology (workflow, screens, data management processes) into other clinics through a unique set of technologies that automatically aggregate data in a HIPAA compliant manor for broader research initiatives. In addition, Definicare will be providing its technology to participating clinics at a substantially reduced rate.

Along with the technology deployment, the legacy data would be entered by Definicare, and 100% quality assurance would be provided on every patient within 48 hrs of each visit.  In this way, research quality data is assured for each participating clinic. Each clinic would own its data but would give permission to the cohort for outcomes research purposes.

The name of this broader cohort is the Mary Fisher HIV Research Network.  We are looking for only a few quality clinics to join up and help produce a research resource that dramatically improves patient care in HIV. 

“Definicare creates a new paradigm for clinical investigation and patient care—a platform that enables physicians to provide superior patient care while collecting clinical trial quality data.”
- Mike Saag, M.D.